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Thumbs Up Nails MacQueen

Thumbs Up Nails MacQueen
 Thumbs Up Nails MacQueenThumbs Up Nails MacQueen 
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Part Number:  TUMAC
Brand:  Thumbs Up Nails



MacQueen Tartan with a romantic twist..


How to Apply Thumbs Up Nail Wraps




How many nail wraps are there in one pack of ThumbsUp Nails Wraps?

There are 2 sheets of 10 various sized nail wraps a total of 20 nail wraps in each pack.

How many manicures can I use ThumbsUp Nails Wraps for?

Usually, you can perform a full manicure out of one pack of ThumbsUp Nails Wraps. Alternatively, you can cut up the wraps however you like and combine it with your favourite nail polishes to create unique nail art looks, hence maximising the wraps you get from a pack.

How do I remove ThumbsUp Nails Wraps?

Gently peel off or use your favourite nail polish remover. If there is any adhesive residual after peeling off your ThumbsUp Nails wraps, simply wipe them off with regular nail polish remover. The adhesive won't damage your natural nails.

How long do ThumbsUp Nails Wraps last?

They could last between 3-10 days depending on your lifestyle. To make the best out of your freshly applied ThumbsUp Nails Wraps, it is recommended that you apply 2-3 thin UV gel topcoats or compatible regular topcoats.

Can I shower or submerge into water with the nail wraps on?

Absolutely! ThumbsUp Nails Wraps are waterproof.

Compatible top coat for ThumbsUp Nails Wraps?

ThumbsUp Nails wraps are coated with high shine topcoat. If you like, you are recommended to apply compatible topcoats to ThumbsUp Nails Wraps. The best topcoat is UV gel topcoats such as Shellec and Gelish. We also recommend using non-UV topcoats from Little Ondine and Sally Hansen Nailshine Miracle. In general, we don't recommend using fast-drying topcoats as the fasting drying ingredient is likely to damage the nail wrap surface.

What if the nail wraps are too big for my nails?

The wraps are designed to allow for easy trimming to enable a perfect fit your nails and cuticle shapes. A traditional nail clipper should do the job.