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Jewelpop Loyalty Program



Kameleon Jewelpop Loyalty program



When you order your Kameleon Jewelpops from Ever Changing Fashion you will be automatically enrolled in our fantastic Jewelpop loyalty program.

How it works:

For every Jewelpop you purchase from Ever Changing Fashion either online, in person, by e-mail or by telephone you will receive 1 stamp on your Jewelpop loyalty card, when you have purchased 10 Jewelpops and received 10 stamps we will contact you and ask you to choose a Free Jewelpop up to £25 in value. We will then mail out your Free Jewelpop at no charge (if you have just placed an order your free Jewelpop will be included with this).


There is no need to purchase all 10 Jewelpops at the same time as we automatically track your Jewelpop purchases and add your loyalty stamps, if at any time you would like to find out how many stamps you have on your loyalty card please e-mail and we will be pleased to let you know.


The Kameleon Jewelpop loyalty program is on top of all other benefits of ordering your Kameleon from Ever Changing Fashion


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