New 2015 Kameleon Jewellery & Jewelpops now in stock!

Monday, 26 January 2015  |  Admin

The New 2015 Winter introduction from Kameleon Jewellery is now in stock in the UK at Ever Changing Fashion.


Why not check out the very latest Kameleon Jewelery & Jewelpops, you will find them all in one section on our website titled "New for 2015"


In the Jewellery we have a beautiful new Pendant called "Double Trouble" which is the first to hold 2 Jewelpops plus 2 gorgeous new rings and a new pair of Earrings.

In Jewelpops we have 3 new Poprocks at only £14 each and 11 new Jewelpops including a stunning Mood Bead Jewelpop which changes colour.